This is the first post to WoW! It's a collection of things I've found interesting in central Florida commercial real estate.

Sometimes we have listings that carry on for a long time, but the oldest is

21 Years Old

The listing is now old enough to drink. Jeff McFadden (TI Holdings) holds the listing and it's 9.55 acres on Technology Parkway. If you know of an older, active listing, please let me know so I can update this honor.

National Land Realty listed a few hundred acres last week in all parts of central Florida. Interesting time to sell.

Word of the Week - Machine Learning (aka ML). I'm seeing ML everywhere. Here is a quick video that explains ML. In very simple terms, machines can predict very well. For example, if a Buyer has purchased 30 properties across the nation, will my property fit for this Buyer?

A decade ago, making a spreadsheet was considered a special skill. Now it's as common as being able to type. In the near future, using ML learning will be as common place. If you want to 'sharpen the saw', there are great courses online (e.g.

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